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Grant Jones is a forward thinking business owner and private equity inventor. His extensive knowledge is based from years of experience in multiple fields including manufacturing, e-commerce, app development, and many others. He was blessed to be raised in a business minded home where he was trained from a young age to succeed in harsh, unforgiving markets. Today, Grant has been featured in, Business News Daily and runs several successful businesses. His thirst for knowledge and self sufficiency has driven him to learn over 40 pieces of software. Grant’s sole purpose with Biggs Realty is to use technology to facilitate change within the real estate community, to break through old thought processes, and to create something refreshing / new that will set the bar for years to come.

Punch List

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The emails aren't responsive in Gmail - Im not getting notified by the system before an email goes out.  On the subscribers tab, green subscribers are moved to the top of the list. This resets after another email goes out but the click /view count does not.  Facebook Autopost pulled 3 listings instead of one and [...]

Email Checklist Pop Up

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When Email Is Turned On   Have you entered your bio? Is it spell checked?  Have you created a default email title? Have you imported listings? Does your profile photo look ok inside the email? Have you selected an email frequency?