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Sign Up:

Agents to sign up via step process form, illustrated in Ai file. ( It will retrieve all neccesarry information to complete their dashboard profile. It will charge them a one time fee of $99 and then sign them up for $150 per month recurring. Agents will have the ability to see all transactions on their dashboard in the left hand menu. They will also be able to see transactions such as ordering business cards, name tags, signage and others. Anything that they order through stripe with Biggs realty has to be seen so they can right them off for taxes. 

Email System: 

The system will automatically build html emails and send them on specified intervals. It will do this for every agent that signs up. It will include all the info shown on the Join Us page. Their contact info, bio, cell number, listings, imported listings and reviews

  1. Email notification(s) to agents: Agents need to be notified via email the day before their email blast goes out ( this email will include a button to login and disable the email if they need to). It will then email them again after the email has been sent. It would be best to show them what the email would look like before it goes out. 
  2. Rules: If they turn off their email system it will create a notification at the top of their dashboard telling them its better to leave this feature on. If they don’t have at least 3 of their own listings and the import listing feature is turned off the email is automatically turned off. 
  3. Intervals: On my design it shows just a few intervals, we need to add time of day in there as well. Maybe a slider to choose from 8am-3pm. 
  4. An agent can either import (CSV) or manually enter names into their database. 
  5. Tracking: Basic tracking of the email opens is required in this phase. After every blast goes out, the system will move all the people who have clicked or opened the emails by moving their names to the top and changing their color to green in the database. Unsubscribes need to turn red. if you can think of a better, simpler way to accomplish this please let me know. 


Import Listing: 

This is essentially a redesigned MLS search from. You can include as many variables in the search as you want. beds, baths, sq ft. Etc. if you want to keep it simple thats fine too. This will automatically populate their dashboard with up to 8 of those listings. it will also fill in their email blast as needed with listings. If the agent has no listings, it will import 8 listings to the email blast, if the agent has 2 listings it will import 6 listings from MLS to their email blast. This feature will obviously be dynamic becasue it will automatically change the listings on the page and email if a new listings is added to MLS.


FBAuto Post: 

This feature randomly selects one of the listings on their dhasbord and posts it to their facebook page based on the intervals they select. This also needs to include more variables than I designed in. Neds time of day, and days per week. This can be just a link thats posted to their wall. We need to make sure the featured image of each listing is posted to their wall with the link. 



Reviews are fairly simple. This feature allows the agent to obtain a review. They will enter in the name and email of a client they just closed. The system will email this client once per week for up to 10 weeks to try and obtain a review. The email will likely include a link back to the website where they will see a form to submit their review. The agent has to moderate the review before its posted to their dashboard. Reviews will be shown in the bottom of each agents email blast. If the agent has multiple reviews they will be randomized inside the emails. 


Dashboard Menu: 

There is a menu I’ve partially built on the left hand side of the agent page. This need to be an actual menu so I can populate this and change it on the fly. Right now its just links inside a toggle. 


Contact Agent Button:

We do need to add a Contact Agent button under the agents profile picture on the dashboard. You can use the Avada theme styling I’ve already set up with the blue button hover. This will show a pop up where a person can email that agent directly. We are hoping to use gravity forms when ever possible. Im not a fan of the realtyna contact from so far. Gravity forms are easier to track and easier to implement IMO. 



The brochure feature will automatically build a customized agent / listing brochure for each property. When the agent is signed in and clicks on any of their listings it will create a pop up where they can enter in the title text. They will likely hit a create or build button. After the PDF is created they can then post it to FB, email it or download it. It may have to be a JPEG to post to FB. 


Agent Tools: 

There are two links under agent tools in the agent left hand sidebar. These links allow the agent to either email all the agents currently employed by us or just email one at a time. We do not want the agents to have access to everyones email address. This would allow them to copy our agent database, I know this because if done it. 🙂 This needs to be a generic way to send an email in both form. Probably a pop up where they can select a single agent or click to email all. Etc. 


(New)Agent Dashboard Functions: Inside the Ai file you will see little blue (x)’s next to the profile photo, bio and Name. Those are so agents can quickly edit those items. When clicked, those become editable. The (x)’s are only viewable to a logged in agent. The dashboard serves two purposes. 1. To be the agents mini website when they are not logged in. 2. Host all software tabs and sidebar menu when they are logged in. The software tabs and left hand agent menu are not visible to site visitors, only logged in agents. 


*Notes: Real Estate agents, by default or not smart people. 🙂 They are not very good with technology in most cases. The notifications are key. We need to notify them on as many levels and on as many modules as possible. These can be email notifications, alerts on the top of their dashboard etc. My last developer was very good at thinking of what needed to be done and just building it in. 

*Notification and system emails: I have designed a basic notification email, you can find the designs in the google drive folder I shared on Upwork. All notification emails need to be branded like this in some fashion. 

*Logo Change: Please keep in mind, the logo slogan has changed to Innovating Real Estate from Redefining Real Estate. I have already posted the new logo all over the website but most of the designs will still show the old logo. All of our slogans and designs are TM. 

*Products Using Stripe: I have already built four products via gravity forms that will utilize stripe. Business cards, Photo services, name tags and signs. These pages are already built, the forms are already built. They just need the ability to integrate with stripe effetely and to checkout.. get an email receipt etc. When an agent buys one of these services they need to see these transactions along with the membership dues in their dashboard. 

Small Issues: Please try to optimize the site. I just upgraded the server again yesterday to a VPS 4. I can upgrade again and again if I need to. The site is too slow. Please make sure the SSL is working properly. Please make sure the www. subdomain resolves to Right now it says under construction. 


Please let me know if you have any changes.